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In high school I found a true love for photo documenting my friends and experiences with black and white film and a1970s Pentax Honeywell. I photographed my young years up and down, and over time I learned to photograph strangers and people on the street in the same ways I photographed my friends.

I'm fortunate to have been told that I make clients feel at ease during our shoots. I like to approach my subjects as if I've known them for years, always hoping to create a genuine and very comfortable shooting experience.

Relocating to Harrisburg from my origins in Los Angeles in 2010, I have been shooting consistently for over 20 years! People, food, live music, travel and doc work are my favorites.

When not taking photos for clients, I co-own and operate a vintage clothing shop in downtown HBG called Stash Vintage. You can also often find me on the set of various Cowboy Bear Ninja productions as the wardrobe stylist, making weird and fun props in the art department, or shooting behind the scenes as the stills photographer.